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Student BS-MS Application Form

Please complete this form and submit your nomination packet to apply for the Combined BSMS Electrical Engineering program.

Last name:
First name:
Email address:
Name of your undergraduate institution:
TOEFL iBT score:
TOEFL iBT is not applicable
TOEFL Speaking score:
TOEFL Speaking is not applicable
Are you interested in a thesis or coursework Master's?
Proposed faculty advisor?
Please enter the name & email of two faculty writing nomination letters for you

Please submit a single PDF that includes the following:
  1. PDF of unofficial transcript showing a cumulative 3.7 GPA and completion through junior year of an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering (junior year denotes a student’s third year of study, or the completion of 135 quarter credits or 90 semester credits).
  2. Written statement of purpose, which includes a clear research direction for the student’s intended thesis or project direction, and indicates a preferred UW ECE faculty adviser.
  3. TOEFL scores for non-native English speakers.
  4. GRE scores, if you choose to include them. The GRE is recommended, but not required for the nomination packet.
Upload your PDF by clicking this button: