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Graduate Student Fellowships

Click on each individual award to see a list of students who have been awarded that particular fellowship. Congratulations to all of the very outstanding EE fellowship students!

Electrical Engineering Departmental Awards

EE Department Innovator Fellowship

Grainger Foundation Fellowship

Paul C. Leach Fellowship

Irene Peden Fellowship

Electrical Engineering Yang Research Award

Biological Systems on Chips - BioSOCs


University of Washington Awards

Women in Science and Engineering

Achievement Rewards for Scientists - ARCS

Nanotechnology Fellowship

Applied Physics Lab Fellowship

Ford Fellowship

Graduate School Fellowship

UW Huckabay Teaching Fellowship

College of Engineering Recruitment Fellowships


National Awards

National Science Foundation - NSF

National Defense Science & Engineering Graduate Fellowship - NDSEG

Department of Defense Graduate Fellowship - DOD, NDSEG, SMART

Department of Energy Computational Sciences - DOE CSGF

Microsoft Fellowship

Hydropower Reseach Foundation Fellowship

Intel Ph.D. Fellowship

Intel IMAP Master's Fellowship

Intel Dupont Fellowship

MIT Lincoln Laboratory Fellowship

Tektronix Fellowship

Texas Instruments/Semiconductor Research Corporation Fellowships

Texas Instruments/Semiconductor Research Corporation Master's Scholar

GEM Fellowship

Armed Forces & Communications Engineers Association Fellowship


International Awards

Taiwan Ministry of Education Fellowship

Samsung Fellowship


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