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Graduate Student Independent Study

Selecting An Independent Study Option

Students should make sure to register for the correct independent study option. Registering for the incorrect option could result in loss of credits.

Master's Independent Study/Research
EE 599 = Grad. Independent Study/Research (Graded, maximum of 5 credits count toward MSEE)
EE 700 = Master's Thesis (C/NC)

Doctoral Independent Study/Research

EE 599 = Grad. Independent Study/Research (Graded, max. of 5 cr. count toward PhD) Pre-Quals
EE 600 = Doctoral Independent Study/Research (C/NC) Post-Master'sPre-Generals
EE 800 = Doctoral Dissertation (C/NC) Post-Generals

*PhD students should only register for EE 600 after they have earned a Master's Degree (whether it be from UW or another institution).  If a PhD student does not plan to earn a Master's Degree s/he may register for EE 600 after passing the Qualifying Exam or in the second year of his/her program.

How Many Credits? How Many Hours Of Work?

1 credit = 3 hours of work per week.
2 credits = 6 hours of work/week
3 credits = 9 hours of work/week
4 credits = 12 hours of work/week
5 credits = 15 hours of work/week
10 credits = 30 hours of work/week

Many faculty are flexible with regard to hours required for independent study credits, recognizing for instance that first-year students need sufficient time to focus on their coursework. Faculty expectations should not exceed the hours listed above.  Students should consult with their faculty advisor to ensure clear expectations.  Questions surrounding independent study credits (including how many to enroll in, in a given quarter) can be answered by our ECE Graduate Advising Office.

NOTE: In addition to independent study, students who have a salaried RA or TA appointment are expected to work up to 220 hours per quarter. See

Registering For Independent Study

To register for independent study, students must first get the approval of the supervising faculty, then get a faculty entry code from Graduate Advising. Note that students who have faculty advisors in non-ECE departments should still register for the EE independent study options. The Graduate Advising Office will have faculty codes for non-ECE faculty.

Students should send an email to Graduate Advising, copy the faculty advisor, and request the faculty code. The entry code will be sent by return email.

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