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MSEE Degree: Thesis Option

This document outlines the degree requirements for obtaining a MSEE using the thesis option.

Please note that is important also to read the MSEE Degree Requirements and Procedures site for a full list of procedures for completing the degree.

A minimum grade of 2.7 is required in each course that is counted toward a graduate degree. A minimum GPA of 3.00 is required for graduation.

The student will complete 45 credits according to the following quota:

Thesis Option - 45 Credits

EE 5xy: 20 credits minimum
EE 4xy: 12 credits maximum
Non EE: 9 credits maximum, 300 level or above
EE 700: 9 credits minimum, 12 credits maximum

Students may apply a maximum of 3 credits of EE 500 and a maximum of 5 credits of EE 599 toward the MSEE degree. 1 credit of EE 500 is required. 1 credit of EE 592 is required of students entering Au 01 or later.

The 9-12 credits of EE 700 is preferably earned in parcels of at least 3 credits during each quarter that the student enrolls in EE 700. A written thesis, presented with a satisfactory degree of literary skill, must be submitted by the student for approval by the Master's Supervisory Committee and is followed by a final oral examination. The student will make every reasonable effort to schedule the exam so all members of their Supervisory Committee can attend. The Master's Supervisory Committee will consist of the student's Faculty advisor and at least one additional faculty member. At least one of the committee members must be EE faculty whose primary appointment is Electrical Engineering.

The thesis in its final form must be turned in to the Graduate School by the last day of the quarter in which the degree is to be granted. A complete draft of the thesis needs to be submitted to the Supervisory Committee 2-4 weeks before this deadline.

Refer to The Graduate School's Submitting a Thesis/Disserataion web page for more information.

MSEE Degree Requirements and Procedures

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