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Course Teaching Assignments - Autumn 2005


Course Instructor TA
EE215 (Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering)   Evan Goldstein (evango@ee)

F. Yang (fuminy@ee)
  J. Lou (louj@ee)
B. Karlsgodt (brandk@ee)
  Q. Bagley (jqbagley@ee)


EE233 (Circuit Theory) Scott Dunham (dunham@ee)  
J. Brownscheidle (jbrownsc@ee)
  N. Burt (nburt@ee)


EE235 (Continuous Time Linear Systems) Jeff Bilmes (bilmes@ee)  
N. Bernotski (nbernots@u)

X. Yu  (yux@ee)


EE271 (Introduction to Digital Circuits and Systems) Scott Hauck (hauck@ee)  
P. Grossman (medg@ee)

  T. Faris (tfaris82@ee)


EE331 (Devices and Circuits - I) Chen, Tai-Chang (tcchen@u)  
R. Egbert (regbert@ee)
  A. Epilepsia (aziel@ee)


EE332 (Devices and Circuits - II) Helmes (@ee)  

L. Lam (lll@ee)

M. Arbab (mharbab@ee)


EE341 (Discrete Time Linear Systems) Chizeck (chizeck@ee)  
C. Cheng (chao@ee)
  D. Larrocha (dlarroch@ee)


EE351 (Introduction to Energy Devices and Systems) Rich Christie (christie@ee)  
A. Zarei (anahita@ee)
  J. Gross (jgross@ee)


EE361 (Applied Electromagnetics) Jandhyala (jandhyala@ee)  
  Z. Berkowitz (zac@ee)
D. Williams (devanjw@ee)


EE411 (Introductory Network Synthesis) Jonny Andersen (andersen@ee)  

H. Bilge (bilgeh@ee)


EE418 (Network Security and Cryptography) Radha Poovendram (radha@ee)  

H. Armouche (hadi@ee)


EE440 (Introduction to Digital Imaging Systems) Ming-Ting Sun (sun@ee)  

J. Cole (jeffcole@ee)


EE447 (Control System Analysis I)   Eric  Klavins (klavins@ee)  

M. Wang (wanger@ee)


EE452 (Power Electronics Design) Kai Strunz (strunz@ee)  

Kia Lashgari  (kia@ee)


EE454 (Power System Analysis - I) Louie, H ()  

S. Lu (lusteph@ee)


EE471 (Computer Design and Organization) Zick Gregory (zick@ee)
A. Wood (arw82@ee)


EE472 (Embedded Microcomputer Systems) Blake Hannaford (blake@ee)  

B. Davis (bobbyd@ee)


EE473 (Linear Integrated Circuit Design) Brian Otis (botis@ee)
N. Neihart (neihart@ee)

EE476 (Digital Integrated Circuit Design) Josie Ammer (josie@ee)  

C. Wakayama (wakayama@ee)

  C. Assareh (assareh@ee)


EE478 (Design of Computer Subsystems) James K. Peckol (jkp@ee)  

A. Severance (aaronsev@ee)


EE484 (Sensors and Sensor Systems) Scott Dunham (dunham@ee)  
B. Wilson (bewilson@ee)


EE502 (Introduction to MEMS) Bohringer Karl (karl@ee)

A. Govindarajan (anupama@ee)


EE505 (Probability and Random Processes) Sumit Roy (roy@ee)  

A. Margolis (amargoli@ee)


EE510 (Mathematical Foundations of System Theory) Mark Damborg (damborg@ee)  

C. Chen (chuni@ee)


EE518 (Digital Signal Processing) Les Atlas (atlas@ee)  
B. Smith (brandon@ee)


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