Master Course Description for EE-400 (ABET sheet)

Title: Advanced Topics in Electrical Engineering

Credits: Variable 1-5

UW Course Catalog Description:

Coordinator: R. Bruce Darling, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Goals: This course title and number are used for first time or limited time course offerings aimed at the 400 level. Goals are dependent on the particular offering and must be approved by the appropriate curriculum group. The class is assigned and scheduled based on the decision of the Associate Chair.

Learning Objectives: The objectives must clearly stated at the time the class is offered.

Textbook: Dependent on specific offering.

Reference Texts: As needed.

Prerequisites by Topic: As needed.

Topics: Dependent on the specific offering.

Course Structure: The class meetings are specified at the time of offering.

Computer Resources: Dependent on specified offering.

Laboratory Resources: Dependent on the specific offering.

Grading: Dependent on the specific offering.

ABET Student Outcome Coverage: This course addresses the following outcomes:

H = high relevance, M = medium relevance, L = low relevance to course.

No specific outcomes are cited due to the wide range of topics that can be contained within this course number.

Prepared By: R. Bruce Darling

Last revised: 12/20/2018