Master Course Description for EE-490 (ABET sheet)

Title: Reading and Research

Credits: Variable 1-5, these credits do not count toward the degree

UW Course Catalog Description:

Coordinator: R. Bruce Darling, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Goals: This course title and number are used for independent study or undergraduate research under the supervision of a faculty member. The student must submit a study plan that is appropriate for the number of credits being sought prior to registering. The supervising faculty member must approve the study plan. A final written report is required by the end of the course. Copies of both the initial study plan and final report are submitted to the Advising Office.

Learning Objectives: The objectives must be clearly stated in the student's proposed study plan.

Textbook: None is usually required.

Reference Texts: As needed.

Prerequisites by Topic: As needed.

Topics: Dependent on the specific interests of the student and the supervising faculty member.

Course Structure: There are no scheduled class meetings. The student meets with the supervising faculty member on a mutually agreeable schedule.

Computer Resources: Dependent on the specific details of the project.

Laboratory Resources: Dependent on the specific details of the project.

Grading: This course is graded credit/non-credit. The assigned grade is normally based upon how well the student has carried out the work that was initially proposed, in terms of completeness, depth, and quality level.

ABET Student Outcome Coverage: This course addresses the following outcomes:

H = high relevance, M = medium relevance, L = low relevance to course.

No specific outcomes are cited due to the wide range of topics that can be contained within this course number.

Prepared By: R. Bruce Darling

Last revised: 12/20/2018