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EE Software Catalog

Here is a list of software commonly used by students.  Please follow the links to download and install the programs on your own machine as you need them. 

Electronic Design Automation Statistical Computing Office Software
Altera\Quartus\ModelSim R for Windows (R 3.1.0) Microsoft Office Pro 2013 x64
  R Studio (0.98.507) Simulator Software
Eagle 6.5 Development Software Powerworld  (Simulator 17)
Icarus Verilog 0.9.7 Git Project Management
National instruments multisim IAR embedded workbench Microsoft Project Pro 64
stellarisware Tortoisegit x64 Student Printing
synapticad (BugHunter Pro) Visual Studio Pro 2013 DawgPrints
tanner tools L-edit Networking Utility Media Player
Cadence Orcad 16.5 Microsoft Message Analyzer VideoLan Vlc 2.1.3
CAD winscp 5.5.3 Diagraming Software
AutoCad xming + xming fonts Microsoft Visio Pro 64
Computational Software Putty Suite 0.63
Fico Xpress student Document Editing
Matlab 2014a Miktex 2.9.5105
Microsoft Math 4.0 x64 Text Editing
  Notepad++ 6.6.1

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