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UW Google Apps Gmail

Since the UW already provides full email accounts for UW faculty, staff, and students, the ECE department does not duplicate this service.

UW offers Google Apps Gmail as well as most other parts of the Google Apps suite. Using Gmail will still allow you to use your @uw.edu address, and will not conflict with your personal Gmail account. Another option is to use a desktop e-mail client. These can be used in conjunction with UW Gmail.

UWECE Computing recommends faculty and staff use UW's Google Apps Gmail - it is what we support. If you wish to use a desktop email program, we can help you configure Outlook (Windows) or Mail.app (Mac) to work with UW Gmail. We do not support any other mail configurations.

We can also help you configure your iPhone/iPad, Android phone, or Windows phone to access your UW Gmail.

For assistance with the supported configurations listed here, please contact the ECE Helpdesk.

UW's Google Apps information page

About "@ece.uw.edu" email addresses

If you have an UWECE computer account, you automatically have an UWECE email address associated with it - for example, if your UWECE username is "arthur42" then the associated email address is "arthur42@ece.uw.edu". This UWECE address is strictly a forwarding address that passes email along to your UW email inbox (or whatever alternate email address you chose when you created your account).

It is important that you keep your ECE email forwarding current! This is often the only way we have to reach you with news about graduation, class news, and other important matters. Most people simply set their ECE address to forward everything to their UW email account.

Edit/Update your UWECE forwarding address.

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