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About Mailing Lists

A mailing list (also known as a broadcast email address) is basically a single email address that can be used to send a message to a group of people. The department has a number of these lists - examples include undergrad_students@ee (all undergraduate students), grad_students@ee (graduate students), and staff@ee (departmental staff).

We use a program called "Mailman" to run our mailing lists. Mailman allows for easy use and management by both a list's subscribers (those people who will receive email sent to the list's address) and a list's administrators (the people responsible for managing the list - they may or may not also be subscribers).

Creating a new mailing list

To create a new mailing list you just need to send a request to the EE helpdesk. We've created numerous mailing lists for a variety of uses (see the link in the next section of this page). The main requirement is simply that it must have some connection with the EE department.

Subscribing to an existing list

You can see what lists currently exist by clicking on this link. If you wish to join any of the email lists shown, click on that list's name. You will be presented with several options: archives, subscription, options, change. Subscribing to a list is very easy - just enter your email address and pick a password (this password is for your mailing list options).

Many of our lists are closed, so your subscription request will have to be approved by the list manager. Also, note that for some mailing lists - especially class lists and undergrad/grad student lists - you will be added automatically by the list manager without any effort on your part.

Viewing old messages (archives) from a list

For most lists, a record of all previous posts is saved in the list archives. Note that many of the lists opt to have their archives private - this means that only subscribed users can read the old messages from the list.

If access has been limited to a particular list archive, you'll need your Mailman password. If you've forgotten it, Mailman can assign a new one and mail it to you - see the notes toward the bottom of each list's main page.

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