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Linux Lab (Sieg 118)

General Information

The ECE linux lab systems require an ECE account for access though authentication is done via UW NetID. Available linux systems:

OS and other details:


The UNIX Tutorial for Beginners covers how to use Linux systems. Another option is to read or ask questions at the Unix & Linux Stack Exchange.


All the linux lab systems share a common NFS server; this is where the user home directories, project dirs, and lab applications reside. There is a quota on disk space usage; if large amounts of disk space are required please instead use /tmp or /var/tmp which reside in the local system memory or on the local system disk. These directories should be significantly faster than the shared NFS server, and will not slow down all users if too much load is generated on the shared NFS server.

If you need help with a quota issue please contact ECE computing.

Linux Lab Host key fingerprints for SSH

Note that the linux lab hosts have both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, so SSH clients may warn about one or the other address if you switch between a network that supports IPv6 and a legacy IPv4-only network. Also note that in September 2018 the hosts were renamed from the ee.washington.edu domain to ece.uw.edu.

linuxsrv01 06:cf:b5:4b:6a:87:d9:aa:50:fa:0c:d0:13:a4:31:12   (RSA)
linux12    af:cf:44:85:84:57:e6:01:00:02:69:1f:34:2e:00:bd   (RSA)
linux13    b1:83:40:36:86:96:22:23:33:5e:69:38:71:1f:01:50   (RSA)
linux14    59:0a:b1:38:4c:d2:c2:67:27:dd:53:06:83:14:68:58   (RSA)
linux15    01:ad:51:1b:41:5c:93:be:26:8c:15:48:5e:95:23:5d   (RSA)
linux16    e3:22:c8:d3:80:b9:02:02:22:9d:58:fa:91:07:ed:74   (RSA)
linux17    02:0c:37:d3:10:cd:cb:ef:9d:14:44:58:a3:86:fe:b9   (RSA)
linux18    ed:6c:59:90:0b:62:7e:74:18:c4:ee:f8:c7:bc:9f:d7   (RSA)

linuxsrv01 22:5d:06:da:b6:7d:55:f0:2c:67:63:74:ef:97:ae:a2   (ECDSA)
linux12    5e:00:c0:8f:93:2b:ef:f3:19:a6:38:b4:55:7d:01:93   (ECDSA)
linux13    05:fb:5b:cf:ce:db:76:04:c8:ad:fb:de:e7:da:99:d6   (ECDSA)
linux14    39:5c:97:88:87:d3:db:dd:4e:20:71:b2:9f:0e:52:11   (ECDSA)
linux15    88:f1:a9:f1:83:04:35:17:81:af:89:12:8c:09:2e:7b   (ECDSA)
linux16    d7:58:2a:d3:f9:ec:c1:7a:b9:ce:96:4b:87:a0:0b:69   (ECDSA)
linux17    d0:b2:61:cc:c1:59:65:d7:97:7d:a7:3c:91:95:8d:16   (ECDSA)
linux18    e2:93:74:cf:79:5f:39:27:ac:61:81:04:fe:5c:1f:4b   (ECDSA)

linuxsrv01 14:f7:ad:1d:b7:09:8e:83:78:8f:02:5c:72:ce:d1:a4   (ED25519)
linux12    1c:e3:0e:50:93:b1:c6:b5:da:53:67:e8:cf:52:35:6e   (ED25519)
linux13    cc:9c:2d:00:fc:88:d8:9a:69:c6:9a:f3:38:5d:f1:43   (ED25519)
linux14    9e:27:86:fe:6d:ae:b0:01:de:e4:ff:b5:68:07:d0:3d   (ED25519)
linux15    a0:42:67:8c:9d:c9:68:01:9a:34:59:31:70:8d:66:98   (ED25519)
linux16    04:8c:19:f6:f8:4b:21:37:fc:79:a9:0c:ba:55:4a:79   (ED25519)
linux17    20:53:45:3b:88:bb:96:56:a9:9f:91:10:ca:51:6d:e6   (ED25519)
linux18    7d:17:ec:d3:4f:c4:37:61:b7:77:93:ab:92:53:cf:d5   (ED25519)
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