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ECE Login Issues

If you have forgotten your ECE password or can't log in for any reason, come talk to one of the departmental computing staff. Please bring your UW ID card with you. Once you have proven your identity, we can help you reset your password.

Since we are staffed until 5pm, PMP (evening) students are expected to come in person if they need help with their passwords.

It is not possible for us to look up your old password, so if you've forgotten it you'll need to pick a new one.

Common Problems

Note that almost all ECE systems now use UW NetID authentication rather than ECE accounts.

Otherwise, please ensure that your ECE username is used, for example if you SSH from Mac OS X, that client system may use the username on Mac OS X, and not your ECE username. This can be avoided by:

$ ssh eeusername@linux1234.ee.washington.edu

Or by making the ECE username the default login name for all ECE systems via a ~/.ssh/config file entry of:

Host *.ee.washington.edu
  User eeusername

Which then allows SSH to use the correct ECE login name by just typing ssh linux1234....

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