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How to Obtain an ECE Account

As of September 2015 the ECE department has migrated many of its systems to use UW NetID authentication. Having an ECE account is still necessary, though - see "Why do I need an ECE account?" for more information.

Getting an ECE Account

ECE accounts are created automatically (check if you have an ECE account) though in some cases an account may need to be created manually; please contact the computing staff in such a case.

Getting a UW NetID (UW computing account)

The University of Washington's web pages are the best source of information on UW NetID. For more information, visit the UW's "About UW NetIDs" page.

Employees: Faculty, Staff, Visitors, Post-docs, and Others

Once your appointment has been processed and entered into the UW payroll system, our Payroll Manager will be given a special code (by UW, not by ECE Computing) that will let you create your UW NetID. Please work with the appropriate person to get your appointment processed in a timely manner. Faculty and visitor appointments are handled by the Assistant to the Chair; staff appointments by the Department Administrator; and other appointments will be handled by your sponsor's support person.

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