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Resources for Teaching

These are some of the support resources ECE Computing makes available to faculty, teaching assistants, and graders.

Class web pages

Space is made available for classes being taught at the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering. Control generally is given to the faculty member teaching the class and his/her TAs. For more specific information, see our FAQ page titled "Setting Up Class Web Pages".

If you decide to put your class page on a different server - for example on your research group's machine, or UW's webserver - please let the webmaster know the URL (location). This will allow us to include a link on the main index of all the quarterly class pages, and will be very much appreciated by the webmaster!

Class mailing lists

ECE Computing runs a e-mail list manager called Mailman. At your request, we will set up a mailing list you can use for your class. You will be expected to maintain the list - basically that means it's up to you to add, edit, or delete the e-mail addresses that are included on the list. This is easily done using Mailman's web interface.

If you would like a mailing list to be created for your class, send a message to the ECE Helpdesk. Please include your ECE account name, as well as the ECE account information for all faculty and/or TAs that should be allowed to manage the list.

Electronic list of entrolled students

In order to have access to the class enrollment list, you'll need someone in ECE Advising to make a small change in the class' setup. Go to the advising front desk in AE100L, just off the main ECE office in Paul Allen Center, and tell them you are the TA and need access to the class list.

Having the class list can make it a lot easier to manage class mailing lists or control access to the UW Catalyst tools (more information on Catalyst can be found below).


Permanent ECE faculty, course instructors, and teaching assistants are allowed to use the department's Ricoh multifunction printers for class use. If you need access, please send a message to the ECE Helpdesk and we can help set up your access.

UW's Catalyst Tools

The University of Washington also offers a number of tools that can be very useful when teaching a class (note that there are also tools aimed at helping research collaboration). These tools are all available from the Catalyst website. Some of the tools available are:

Note that Catalyst is a UW tool, not an ECE tool. This means you need to use your UW account for access to Catalyst. Also if there are questions you wish to ask, or enhancments you'd like to suggest, they need to be sent to UW's helpdesk (help@uw.edu).

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