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EE Department Introduces New Introductory Course -
'The Secret Life of the Electron'

The Secret Life of the Electron
EE299, 4 cr., SLN#9684
MWThF, 2:30-3:20pm

In this exciting, new introductory course to Electrical Engineering you will unravel the mysteries of the microwave oven, build AM radios and batteries from potatoes, simulate and control dynamic systems on the computer, put together a motor, and build an infrared remote control. Through demonstration lectures, experiments, and exercises, concepts such as voltage, current, power, circuits, motors, light, stability, etc. will be elucidated.

The course will be run in modules by 5 different EE faculty members. There will also be guest lectures, laboratory/discussion sections with TAs, and homework. Grading will be based upon mini-projects for each module.

The course home page can be found at