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New Curriculum Targets Shortage of Hi-Tech Workers

A new project, co-directed by EE faculty members Mani Soma and Eve Riskin, will develop a two year curriculum for an Associate of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering.

Because the current shortage of hi-tech workers is projected to only get worse, it is critical that educational opportunities in these fields be made available to as broad a range of students as possible. To address this need, the new curriculum will be designed to be deliverable in three formats: on-site, on-line, and at-home. This will allow access to potential students who, for various reasons, cannot participate in a more traditional campus program.

Unlike most remote learning opportunities, this project has a goal of providing the hands-on experience that is so critical to developing skills in these fields. One way of implementing this will be the creation of regional engineering laboratories, which will be accessible to the students.

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