PAGE 2! TOO SPOOKY! Halloween 98 in Electrical Engineering, UW

Or, what people will do for a party...

Frank Alexandro is the devil Pumpkin headed Annie!
A tiny Batman! The Hannaford family ghouls
Staff are scary Especially the clowns...
I turned her into a zebra. Droppo family terrorize EE
The scariest thing I can think of... Grad students can be scary
The Hamburgler! Giddyup Helms
Hwang family Tex!
Clowns and Little Orphan Annie Howard and Rasta Boy Mani
Green witch and killer bee
Noah Riskin as himself terrorizing the Hannafords The Rasta Chair and his new Bride
The Bride of Dead Elvis Total Burn Out and the Immature
Orange headed monsters attack Jim Ritcey Sharon in disguise
The Snow White Duo Solayman Yousuf
Ron Popeil, new CEO of Microsoft