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Lego Robots Contest Winners

The Electrical Engineering department's first Lego Robots competition, held on December 4, 2000, was a great success! Here are the winners, along with some photos from the event. The contestants were the 35 seniors enrolled in Affiliate Professor Linda Bushnell's "Principles of Mobile Robotics" class. This class and competition was partially underwritten by a gift from the Ford Motor Company.

And the winners are...

First Place (left to right):
Martin Stainbrook
David Li
James Naegle

Second Place:
Gary Abner
Rick Paup

Third Place:
Sungwoo Kim
Punarjee Wijeratne

Most Creative:
Nguyen Nguyen
John Oakley
Chris Wright

David Becker
Jared Hertzler
John-Michael McNew

Entrants in the
Lego Robot competition.

EE honor student Jaclynn Hiranaka
and her unique walking robot.

One of the robots gets ready to attempt
the ferry crossing.

For a brief moment, these two contestants
thought they were on "Battlebots".

Michael Taylor, EE alum and event judge,
and Jonathan Dandy, class TA, show off their prizes.

If you'd like more information regarding this event, you can read the related Seattle P-I story at You can also view our press release that announced the event at