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Microsoft Selects EE as a Test Partner

EE and Microsoft are collaborating on an exciting activity that we hope will benefit many PC users in the future. The UW EE Department will serve as a testing ground, part of the Vertical Market Program (VMP), a testing program that removes Windows 2000 and Windows XP deployment blockers caused by application >incompatibilities.

Microsoft chose the UW EE department as a prime testing ground and VMP partner because we use unique applications (that are not off-the-shelf) to serve our users. The Microsoft Product Development Team and UW EE students will be testing incompatibilities May 14th-18th 2001. The "test team" will submit an application compatibility report. This will help the EE department in deploying Windows XP and 2000 operating systems.

Microsoft will give The UW EE Department a copy of the latest Windows XP operating system.

Based on the compatibility report, the EE Department may deploy several workstations in the General Purpose Computing Labs to run Windows XP as a beta test site. All students, staff & faculty will have an opportunity to test drive Windows XP, as well as to provide bug reports back to Microsoft.

For additional information, please contact Sekar Thiagarajan at