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Mobile Robots Outreach

The UW Electrical Engineering department's K-12 Outreach program is designed to encourage students' interest in electrical engineering in particular, and science in general. Recently Professor Linda Bushnell, along with several current and former students, put on some Mobile Robots workshops as part of this program.

More information on the EE Outreach programs can be found by visiting their Web pages at

Mobile Robots on I-5

Recent graduate Jaclynn Hiranaka (right), graduate student Jonathan Dandy, and Professor Bushnell ran three hour-long workshops on mobile robots at the annual Expanding Your Horizons Day at Shoreline Community College on March 13, 2001. A total of 46 9th - 12th grade girls attended the workshops. The students learned about autonomous mobile robots and were able to test out the difference between using two and three IR sensors for a line-following task.

Seattle YMCA Mobile Robot Day

Undergraduate Cameron Lee (ME Dept.), lecturer Wei-chih Wang (ME Dept.) and Professor Bushnell ran a three-hour workshop on mobile robots with eight students and three advisors from the Seattle YMCA on March 24, 2001. The students built autonomous mobile robots using LEGO Mindstorm kits and programmed the robots to compete in a competition. They learned how to use bump sensors and IR sensors for navigation.