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The EE "Dawg Dash" Team

The "Dawg Dash" is an annual event organized by the UW Alumni Association to raise money for scholarships. There were 2300 participants this year - approximately double last year's count. The runners made up more than 40 teams in different categories.

This year's EE Dawg Dash team.

Here is a list of all the participant's on the "EE Speed" team, along with their final time for the run:

Mike Hegg 23'00"
Mark Troll 25'47"
Ling-Sheng Jang 26'02"
Patrick Ngatchou 26'05"
Xin Lei 27'33"
Xiaobei Li 28'08"
Jianchun Dong 29'11"
Rachel Yotter 33'31"
Andrew Petersen 33'31"
Patricia Sadate-Ngatchou 35'29"

Two members of the team were unable to participate: Melissa Meyer and Michael Wang.

For more information on this year's run, or on the Dawg Dash in general, please visit