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Mystery Surrounds 41st Birthday Events

Events surrounding Professor John Sahr's 41st birthday may forever be shrouded in mystery. EE officials are asking for any help citizens might provide in shedding light on the events of the day.

On October 1, the morning of his 41st birthday, Professor John Sahr arrived at his office - only to find it had been vandalized. No group has stepped forward to claim responsibility. Widespread rumors about the possible culpability of a graduate student or pair of students abound, but we must stress that these are unsubstantiated as of yet.

Not wanting to, in his words, "give in to ruffians and ne'er-do-wells", Professor Sahr gamely went to work, attempting to tend to the important tasks of his busy day.

Eventually a feeling of inevitability overcame him, and Professor Sahr finally signaled his surrender.