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EEIC Distinguished Speaker Professor A. G. Phadke

GPS Synchronization for Wide Area Protection and Control

Prof. A. G. Phadke

EEIC Distinguished Speaker Lecture

Room 037, EE/CSE Building
4:30-5:30 pm
Thursday November 7, 2002


The talk will begin with a description of the technique of synchronized phasor measurements using GPS signals for synchronization. The instruments which perform these measurements are known as PMUs (Phasor Measurement Units) and the industry standard defining their output data structures will be mentioned. A large number of these units have been installed around the world, and many of those installations are on the west coast of United States. The measurements provided by these units have been considered for application in State Estimation, adaptive protection, and control of power apparatus. Research results dealing with some of these applications will be described.

A. G. Phadke is a University Distinguished Professor at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia, USA. His primary research area is the microcomputer based monitoring, protection, and control of power systems. He is a co-author of two books on relaying: Computer Relaying for Power Systems, and Power System Relaying, and is the editor of and contributor to the book Handbook of Electrical Engineering Computations. He is a Fellow of IEEE and was awarded the IEEE Third Millennium Medal in 2000, named the Outstanding Power Engineering Educator by the IEEE in 1991, and received the Power Engineering Educator Award of the EEI in 1986. He received the IEEE Herman Halperin Transmission and Distribution award in 2000. He is the Chairman of the Technical Committee of USNC CIGRE, and Editor-In-Chief of IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery. Dr. Phadke was elected to the US National Academy of Engineering in 1993.