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Rachel O'Brien breaks door on first day

In a move sure to increase Angel Bailey's stress level during her upcoming maternity leave, self-described "Coffee Princess" and designated Angel-replacement Rachel O'Brien left the several-ton main door to the EE office dangling precariously over the heads of faculty and staff (grad students too, but who cares?).

More details on this gripping drama will be posted as they come in.

UPDATE 12/9/03 11:23am
We have been asked to provide this rebuttal: Response to the allegations. The source of this mysterious document is currently unclear.

The plot thickens!

DATELINE 12/9/03 8:38pm
The reclusive Ms. O'Brien finally speaks out:

"I had no idea that closing a door could be SO complicated. Are we not supposed to jump up and pull the door down by the ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING sign? Angel never indicated to me the proper procedure. I mean, I saw the switch that said "OPEN ... CLOSE" but I just thought that Angel was able to control ALL of the CSE elevators with that switch. It made sense to me...why else could they malfunction? Well, if I have learned anything from's that....When working with heavy mechanical machinery, following the directions, could cost you thousands of dollars. But hey, on the other hand, I DO know what Chicken of the Sea is."

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