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Crazy Shirt Day

Friday July 25 was the first annual Crazy Shirt Day here at EE. Does "first annual" imply there'll be more in the future? Well let's hope so!

A great big "thank you" to Kathy Burch for taking the photographs.

Gloria claims that her shirt wasn't a political statement...

The label reads "Warning: Crazy Shirt"

Weibin, weren't you wearing that shirt yesterday?

Robyn wears her musical allegiance on her, well, um, shirt

They can't see the shirt on the phone, Stephen

A promotional fee was paid by ...
The Webmaster always dresses like this

Now all he needs is the hat

Did you know it's also Sysadmin Appreciation Day?

Lined up and ready for the runway
(P.S. Nice socks, Rachel)

Boy, as soon as you let Tom into the photograph...

And let's not forget Bill Lynes!