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Department gathers to thank Howard Chizeck

Bruce and Howard

Acting Chair Bruce Darling speaks as
Howard looks on

On September 12, 2003 EE staff and faculty gathered for a party to thank Professor Howard Chizeck for his five years of service as Chair of our department.

Professor Chizeck decided to step out of the role of Department Chairman and back into that of Professor effective September 15. Under Howard's leadership, the department not only weathered what were very difficult financial times for the University as a whole - it thrived. During his tenure as Chair, UW Electrical Engineering increased in both educational quality and national stature. Additionally, the department has been able to recruit an outstanding group of new faculty during this period.

The department gave Howard an REI gift certificate and a chair decorated with photographs and memories from the past five years. It is our fervent wish that he'll now have time to actually enjoy the light of day on occasion, so we hope he'll take good advantage of the gift certificate!

We are very fortunate to have Professor Chizeck staying with the department. With his return to full-time professor he is looking forward to having more time to devote to his research interests and to his students.

One of Howard's gifts Frankye speaks There's always food! Ann Fuchs, Howard's right hand lady

Dean Denton's comments on Professor Chizeck's resignation
Announcement of Bruce Darling as Acting Chair