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Vikram Jandhyala wins UW Squash Tornament

Vikram Jandhyala, an A-division squash player, has won the 2004 UW intramural squash tournament. See this page on the UW team's squash site for the harrowing play-by-play!

Vikram is also the top player in the UW league (when he gets time to play matches) and an active player in the Seattle squash league, one of the country's highest quality squash leagues.

Vikram has played in his division at the US National Championships twice - in 2001 and 2004 - reaching the quarterfinals and losing to the eventual tournament winner each time. He has also finished as runner-up at the Washington State Open 2001, and had a third place at the Seattle Open 2001 in his division. He has received coaching at the Seattle Athletic Club from Yusuf Khan, a legendary squash coach who has coached several international champions, and from Yusuf's son Ayub Khan, another renowned coach.

UW now has an active squash program that is starting up with the support of several faculty, graduate students and undergraduate students (check out their home page or talk to Vikram).

Squash was rated number one in a top-ten list of healthiest sports in the Forbes magazine (Oct 2003) - you can view the whole list here. Squash players are rated as Pros, A, B, C, D, and beginners.