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2005 Polar Bears Ring in the New Year

Brock Robison, Andrew Petersen, Sarah Schwarm, Melissa Meyer, and Steve Swanson

These people celebrated the new year by jumping into some very cold water. No, the webmaster doesn't understand it either; however he refuses to speculate regarding the sobriety of the participants.

Official Polar Bears
Melissa Meyer, EE grad student
Brock Robison, Frankye Jones's husband
Steve Swanson, CS grad student
Sarah Schwarm, CS grad student advised by EE faculty
Andrew Petersen, CS grad student
Kai Strunz, EE faculty

Rich Christie, EE faculty
Dave Rispoli, CS advisor
Frankye Jones, EE advisor

Thanks to Professor Rich Christie, we also have video documentation of the event (NOTE: 44MB Windows Media video). Remember, these people are professionals - kids, don't try this at home!