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EE Faculty's OneRadio Project Supported by Innovation Funding

Professor John Sahr and Affiliate Faculty Member Tony Goodson have received CoMotion Innovation Funding to support their collaborative “OneRadio” project. CoMotion Innovation Funding supports projects that are in the early stages of development and have a strong likelihood of being commercialized.  

The basic concept behind OneRadio is to create a single radio that is capable of performing multiple functions. Traditional analog radios employ a 100-year-old analog design that focuses on one frequency at a time. Since each radio function is associated with a frequency, users that perform several functions at a time, such as airlines, must utilize multiple radios. A Boeing 747, for example, carries as many as 30 radios on board. With OneRadio, both strong and weak signals are simultaneously digitized, creating a single radio that is capable of performing multiple functions. Separate functions are enabled by simple apps that operate on the OneRadio data stream.

"We're about to enter a new era in radio frequency operations, one in which the entire spectrum is digitally exposed to all users,” Tony Goodson said. “Not only will current users benefit, there are bound to be whole new applications we can't even imagine.”

With the market for mobile radio continuing to grow, and annual sales between $7-10 billion, OneRadio has the potential to influence new markets. Applications include enhanced traffic monitoring, remote medical monitoring, security systems and more.


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