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Loose Bits - October 2010

Here is the department’s online news briefs, Loose Bits, which highlights all the positive achievements and activities happening around the UW EE community. If you have any news items you would like to share, please send your information to:

Awards & Honors:

Many of our community members have received recognition for their exceptional efforts in research and education. You can click on the links below to learn more information about the award and recipient. Congratulations to these faculty and students!

Assistant Professor Shwetak Patel was honored with the 2010 Top Innovator Award from Seattle Business and was featured on the cover of their November issue.

Adjunct Professor Kaibo Nie received the 2010 Outstanding Paper Award from IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering. Nie works in collaboration with EE Professor Les Atlas and Professor Jay Rubinstein from Bioengineering.

Graduate Student Nicole Nichols
took 2nd place at the OCEANS2010 student poster competition.

Graduate Students Ehsan Saeedi, Angela Shum, and Christian Marcheselli’s article is featured on the front cover of the September 2010 issue of Nanotechnology.

Professor Ming-Ting Sun received the 2010 IBM Faculty Award.

UWEE In the News:
The research and service activities in our department have gained public interest through media coverage. Below is a selection of press items that features our faculty and students. You can click on the link to read the article.

Professor Shwetak Patel
in NewScientist Tech
Professor John Sahr in Seattle Times 
Professor Shwetak Patel & Graduate Student Gabe Cohn in Popular Science
Professor Shwetak Patel & Graduate Student Gabe Cohn in Technology Review
Professor Shwetak Patel
in Seattle Times
Professor Shwetak Patel & Graduate Student Gabe Cohn in UWeek
Affiliate Professor Josh Smith in TechNewsDaily

Department News:
Most of the latest news and events items can be found on our EE website: Here are some additional departmental items that have occurred.

New UW EE Website
Last week, the department unveiled its new logo and design with the roll out of the UW EE website: The web is just the first part of the department rebrand efforts with print media still to come. New branding tools and templates including a variety of logo image file options, as well as templates for PowerPoint and electronic letterhead are now available to use on the departments’ administrative section of the website:

New Grant Awards
Our faculty members continue to be successful at bringing in research funding for the department. During the months of August and September, new grant awards have totaled nearly $2.4 million. Here are the new awards for the months of August and September that faculty have received:

PI: M.P. Anantram
Co-PI: Maya Gupta
Sponsor: National Science Foundation
Title:  CDI-Type 1: Modeling Quantum Tunnel Current to Statistically Sequence Biomolecules

PI: Mohamed El-Sharkawi
Sponsor: WSU – Department of Energy flow through
Title: Clean Energy Smart Grid Engineering Workforce Training

PI: Michael Hochberg
Sponsor: Air Force Office of Scientific Research
Title: Optoelectronic Device Integration in Silicon

PI: Jenq-Neng Hwang
Sponsor: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Title: Automated Target Tracking, Morphometric Measurement, and Species Identification of Fish from Underwater Video

PIs: M. Taya, Y. Kuga, C. Luscombe, C. Meek, J. Cooper
Sponsor:  National Science Foundation
Title: Toward Zero-energy Buildings Based on Electrochromic Windows (ECW) and Energy-harvesting ECW

PI: Lih Lin
Sponsor: Commercialization Gap Fund
Title: A Novel Quantum Dot Sensor

PI: Jacques C. Rudell
Sponsor: Commercialization Gap Fund
Title: Commercialization of Harmonic-Rejection Power Amplifier System

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