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December 5, 2002

I sincerely hope that you had a great Thanksgiving Holiday, and best wishes to all students as we approach the end of quarter exams. May you have an enjoyable holiday season, and a great new year!


To Assistant Professor Karl Bohringer. His work will be included in Discover magazine's January issue on the "Top 100 Science Stories of 2002."

FIRST Robotics Competition Returns to UW

The second annual "First Robotics" competition will be held at UW in early April. For more information about this program, see For information about the UW-affiliated team, see

Future TV Stars

Linda Bushnell's lab has a team of 3 students who will be participating in the Robot Rivals TV show (see They will be going to Knoxville, TN in January for the filming. Two of the students are EE undergrads (and also recent NSF REU winners) and the other is an ME undergrad.

Faculty Search

The department currently has 42 tenure track faculty as of Fall 2002 (with 3 on leave and one on sabbatical), and we will have 43 by the Spring 2003 quarter. We are now beginning a search for one or more additional faculty. The search announcement is at

Department Information Slide Show and Fact Sheet

A "slideshow" containing facts and figures about the department is now available at and an updated Fact Sheet is linked at Limited quantities of a hard copy of the Fact Sheet are available at the department office.

Construction Update

There will be a great deal of construction in our during the quarter break. All of it is either along the "phase line" between the EE Building and the new Allen Center, or in the "little atrium" outside of department HQ on the second floor. The atrium will be closed off (on all floors) from December 19 until around January 10. Access to the second floor will be through the east or west stairs or elevators--but not the main stairwell (which will be closed between floors 1 and 2). An approximate schedule of events is as follows:
** Dec 19th- 24th Erect Scaffolding in the Atrium
** Dec 19th- 27th Temporary Protection/Dust Protection installed
** Dec 30th-Jan 3rd Demolishing the Atrium Beams (they were for seismic stabilization before construction of the new building--they were *not* intended to be art (despite popular opinion)
** Dec 30th -Jan 3rd Drywall Demolition in the Atrium
** Jan 3rd- Jan 10th Patch Drywall/Dismantle Scaffolding/Clean Up
By the end of June, both the new building and modifications to the EE building should be complete.

Howard Chizeck

This is the latest electronic update of news in the department. If you have specific news or announcements that you would like to have included in an issue of this newsletter, please send them to Howard ( or Ann (