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Loose Bits: Weekly Highlights Within EE

October 3, 2003

Congratulations to everyone for making it successfully through the first week of classes.

Here is a new award that we received this week:

1. Professor Deirdre Meldrum was awarded $106,039 from the National Institutes of Health for a new project "Advanced Development and Testing of the Acapella Automated Sample Handler."


The big event for next week will be the dedication of the new Paul Allen Center for Computer Science and Engineering, taking place on Wednesday and Thursday, Oct. 8-9. The dedication will involve many visitors touring the new building as well as several ceremonies which will cause some slight changes from the normal business hours for activities in the PAC. The main effect for us will be reduced hours for the EE main office.

Here is the short take:

Wednesday, October 8:
At 3:00pm, both the EE and CS&E main offices will close and the building will be secured by the UW police. This will involve the UW police sweeping through the building and issuing special event IDs to those who have Allen Center passes and picture IDs. Those without Allen Center passes will be asked to leave. This will not affect the EE building, but the walkways between the two buildings will be blocked and secured. The ReBoot coffee shop will be closed all day. At 6:00pm, about 200 visitors will arrive to tour the new Paul Allen Center and then have a reception dinner in the PAC atrium.

Thursday, October 9:
At 12:00noon, CS&E will be first hosting a reception out under a tent on Rainier Vista to about 300 guests. At 1:30pm, the formal dedication of the PAC will occur in the atrium followed by an open house. The open house is open to the general public to go around and tour the new building. To accommodate this, both the EE and CS&E main offices will remain closed from 12:00noon to 2:00pm, and the ReBoot coffee shop will be closed from 1:00 to 2:30pm.

While normal operations in the EE building should be minimally impacted, please coordinate your visits to the main office and mail rooms to avoid the above congested hours when the Paul Allen Center is filled with visitors. Things will hopefully be back to normal by Friday. This is a very important event for our new neighbors in CS&E, so please help out to make their event a successful one.



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