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Loose Bits: Weekly Highlights Within EE

October 17, 2003


This week we received the following awards:

1. Professor Yasuo Kuga was awarded $107,573 from the Office of Naval Research for the first year of his project titled "Object Detection and Imaging in a Complex Clutter Environment."

2. Assistant Professor Vikram Jandhyala was elected to the grade of Senior member in IEEE.

In the news this week:

3. Associate Professor John Sahr's work on passive radar was recently highlighted in Business Week: John is also the chair of the Passive and Covert Radar conference that will be hosted in Seattle next week, Oct. 21-23, 2003, and sponsored by the UW Applied Physics Laboratory.

Now that the academic year is rolling nicely along, I'd like to share some interesting statistics for our department:

4. We now have 284 enrolled graduate students in our program (MS + PhD), one short of our Graduate School imposed cap of 285. Given the uncertainties of graduate admissions offers, we hit the mark with nearly surgical precision. Of these, 172 have active research assistantships (RAs), 40 have teaching assistantships (TAs) from EE, 4 have TAs from other departments, 17 have fellowships, and 2 have lecturer positions. This means that 83% of our graduate students are funded, a new high record for our department. This percentage has been climbing rapidly over the past few years and it is a good measure for how well we are matching our admissions to our funded research programs. Our goal is 100%, and we are rapidly getting there! Furthermore, the 17 students with fellowships is also a new departmental record! Thanks to Frankye Jones for the data.


5. Finally, if anyone has items that you feel would be appropriate to broadcast to the EE community at large, please forward them to me. This can be any honors, awards, special recognitions, or local or national publicity that you may be getting. Don't be bashful; we would all love to know about everyone's successes.



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