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Loose Bits: Weekly Highlights Within EE

November 7 , 2003


This is the second "catch-up" Loose Bits installment.

1. Lee Damon was awarded the 2003 Outstanding Achievement Award by SAGE (The System Administrators Guild) for "outstanding service to SAGE and the systems administration profession as a whole." CONGRATULATIONS, Lee!

2. Affiliate Professor Evan Goldstein was elected to the rank of Fellow of the Optical Society of America (OSA) "For contributions to the fundamental understanding of optically amplified multiwavelength communication systems." Evan received this award at the October meeting of the OSA in Arizona. CONGRATULATIONS, Evan!

3. One of our undergraduates, Brian Fallstrom, was mentioned in the Daily in the 11/7 issue, describing EE students. Brian is often spotted wearing fox ears and tails. Here is more evidence of EE students being creative individuals who do not follow the conventional tracks. Keep it up, gang!

4. Professors Jeff Bilmes, Howard Chizeck, and Katrin Kirchhoff (from EE), along with Professors Patricia Dowden and Richard Wright, were awarded $340,000 by the National Science Foundation for the first year of a four year project titled "ITR: The Vocal Joystick: Voice-Based Assistive Technology for Individuals with Motor Impairments." CONGRATULATIONS to Jeff and his team on winning this ambitious project!



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