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Loose Bits: Weekly Highlights Within EE

December 5, 2003


Since last week was a short one, I'm combining last week and this week together.

First, congratulations to a few of our students:

1. Thinh Luu has received a prestigious Mary Gates Research Grant for his project titled "Reconfigurable Protocol Chip for Satellite Networks." His research advisor is Ioannis Kassabalidis.

2. Ajay Anand has been selected to receive the First Prize Best Student Paper Award by the Acoustical Society of America for 2003. The selection was made by the Technical Committee on Biomedical Ultrasound/Bioresponse to Vibration, and Ajay's paper was titled "Monitoring evolution of HIFU-induced lesions with backscattered ultrasound". Ajay is being supervised Prof. Larry Crum of EE and the Applied Physics Lab.

CONGRATULATIONS, Thinh, Ioannis, Ajay, and Larry!

I should also mention that Prof. Larry Crum presented a wonderful talk on 11/21 for the UW Science Forum, "Star in a Jar," describing his research work on sonoluminescence.

We have also received a few new awards this week:

3. The EE Department has received a $150,000 award from the College of Engineering Infrastructure to Transform Research and Education program. This proposal was prepared by Profs. Eve Riskin, Mani Soma, Blake Hannaford, Mari Ostendorf, Scott Dunham, and myself and will be used to begin work on our Integrated Student Services Center.

4. Associate Professor Karl Bohringer has received a $21,500 unrestricted gift from Microsoft Research.

Great work, folks!!!


5. Professor Greg Kovacs from Stanford University and myself presented the EE Department Colloquium on 12/4 titled "Putting the Pieces Together: Engineering Forensic Analysis of the Space Shuttle Columbia Accident." The on-demand streaming video of this talk is available here.


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