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Loose Bits: Weekly Highlights Within EE

December 12, 2003


Here is what has been happening this week... 1. As many of you may have already discovered, the overhead barn door to the EE main office came off its tracks earlier this week. A photo appears on the EE home page. The door has now been closed for safety reasons while an improved design is developed to keep this from happening in the future. Although the door is closed, you can still enter into the EE main office through the door to the student mail room. Despite appearances, we are still open for business!

2. The Department would like to recognize Eric Ash, Allen Berg, Jerry Chiang, Dan Hippe, and Adam Mills for volunteering their time to tutor. HKN has been offering a new service this quarter, the EE Midterm Review Sessions. Special thanks go to Eric Ash and Carina Leung for doing a fantastic job on leading the sessions. Thank you all for your efforts!

3. Kishore Sundara-Rajan has been awarded the "IEEE-DEIS Graduate Research Fellowship" based on his research proposal titled "Fringing Field Dielectrometry Sensors for Parameter Estimation in Pharmaceutical Samples". The selection was made by the education committee of the IEEE Dielectric and Electrical Insulation Society. Kishore is a graduate student working with Prof. Alex Mamishev in the SEAL lab. CONGRATULATIONS, Kishore!

4. Henry H. Lee has also been awarded one of the prestigious Mary Gates Fellowships. Henry is working with Professor Scott Hauck on "Supporting Floating-Point Signal Processing Applications on FPGAs." CONGRATULATIONS, Henry!

5. The annual EE462 autonomous robotics contest will be held next Monday, December 15, at 1:30pm in the new atrium. There will be 19 UW robots and possibly one from a middle school competing. Andy Crick will be presiding as master of ceremonies. It should prove interesting and entertaining!

6. The EE faculty and staff had a well attended and well supplied Holiday Lunch Celebration in the new EE main office on Thursday. We are all going to be working this one off in the weeks to come. Many thanks to all who helped out and who supplied the pot luck desserts and side dishes!

7. Classes are now finished and only a few final exams remain. Good luck to everyone on the last leg of the quarter. I hope that everyone feels satisfied with what they accomplished. For those traveling back home, take care, and we shall see you in January. For those remaining in Seattle, enjoy the Pacific Northwest Winter holidays.

Best wishes for peace, happiness, and rest to everyone over the holidays,


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