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Loose Bits: Weekly Highlights Within EE

January 23, 2004


Here is what has been happening this week:

1. The National Science Foundation has awarded an additional $17,000 to Professors Mani Soma and Dave Allstot for their project titled "Research for Mixed Signal Electronic Technologies: A Joint Initiative Between NSF and SRC: Scalable Design and Test Methods for Single-Chip Multi-Link Radio-Frequency Transceivers."

2. We had a fabulous, standing-room only turn out for the EE Departmental Colloquium this week on 1/22. Professor Tatsuo Itoh from UCLA delivered the 2004 Akira Ishimaru lecture titled "Active Integrated Antenna Approach for Advance Wireless Communications." Click here to see the on-demand streaming video of this talk.

3. I would like to call everyone's attention to the Graduate Student Seminar that is held every Tuesday at 1:30 in room 303 EE1. This seminar is organized by the Graduate Student Association (GSA), and each week a graduate student gives a talk on their own research. This is a great way to learn what our graduate students are working on and what research projects are underway in the EE Department. A schedule of these talks can be found by clicking on this link.

Have fun!


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