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Loose Bits: Weekly Highlights Within EE

March 5, 2004


Here is an update of what has been happening over the last few weeks:

First, a wrap up of ISSCC in San Francisco:

1. Two weeks ago on Feb. 17, the Department of Electrical Engineering hosted its 4th annual UW EE Alumni & Friends Reception with a record number of attendees as part of the 2004 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) at the Marriott Hotel in San Francisco. Approximately 100 attended the event which included a large number of VLSI alumni. Others who attended were faculty and graduates from other universities along with industry representatives. We have received many favorable comments from the alumni who thought their interaction at the reception provided a closer relationship with the EE Department. The event also provided a conduit for students preparing to graduate interaction with members of the VLSI faculty to discuss possible employment as future faculty. Also, it provided prospective graduate students an opportunity to talk with current graduates and alumni in the area of VLSI at the UW. MANY THANKS to Pam Eisenheim and Dave Allstot for helping to coordinate this event!!!

2. As part of the ISSCC reception, a drawing was held for a palm pilot and an autographed 2003 Husky football. Jaynie Shorb won the palm pilot. She is a MSEE who graduated August 2002 with Prof. Dave Allstot as her advisor. Jaynie is now working with Zilog, Inc. in Bellevue, WA. Seongwon Kim won the 2003 autographed Husky football. He is a Ph.D. who graduated June 2001 with Prof. Mani Soma as his advisor. Seongwon is working at IBM - T.J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, NY. CONGRATULATIONS TO Jaynie and Seongwon!!

3. Professor Dave Allstot himself received the ISSCC Outstanding Evening Panel Award for his panel titled "SoC: DOA? RIP?" This was announced during the plenary session of ISSCC on Feb. 16. CONGRATULATIONS, Dave!

4. Dr. Katsu Nakamura from Analog Devices presented three of Prof. Dave Allstot's students, Hossein Zarei, Adam Chu, & Dicle Ozis, with the Analog Devices Outstanding Designer Award. Each graduate received $500 toward their travel expenses to ISSCC. The awards were given at a dinner hosted by Analog Devices on February 16, 2004. CONGRATULATIONS, Hossein, Adam, and Dicle!!!

5. Also at ISSCC, two of Prof. Allstot's students, SeeTaur Lee and Hossein Zarei, presented oral papers to the audience of over 1200. CONGRATULATIONS, SeeTaur and Hossein!! Our department is continuing its tradition of making a strong showing at this important conference.

6. Last Thursday, Feb. 26, we had a very good attendance at the EE Distinguished Lecture presented by Prof. Stephen Senturia of MIT on "Dynamic Diffraction of MEMS, and Its Many Uses." Click on this link to view the on-demand video playback of this lecture.

Here is a string of new funding awards that we have won:

7. Prof. Vikram Jandhyala has received $62,000 for the first year of an Intel external programs research project titled "A rapid full-wave electromagnetic simulation approach for accurate characterization of microelectronic structures." This is the first year of a three project with a total 3 year funding $196,000. CONGRATULATIONS, Vikram!

8. Prof. Dave Allstot has received an award of $142,000 for a one-year research project titled "True N-Bit ADC Calibration Techniques," from the Semiconductor Reserach Corporation (SRC). CONGRATULATIONS, Dave!

9. Prof. Alex Mamishev has received an REU (Research Experiences for Undergraduates) supplement of $6,000 to his project titled "CAREER: Condition-Based Maintenance of Electric Power Systems." CONGRATULATIONS, Alex!

10. Prof. Kai Strunz has also received an REU supplement of $6,000 to his project titled "CAREER: Real Time Digital Simulation Methodology for Next-Generation Distributed Energy Systems." CONGRATULATIONS, Kai!

11. Professor Richard Shi has received a gift of $37,500 from the Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC). CONGRATULATIONS, Richard!

12. Prof. Mani Soma has received an award of $50,000 from the Semiconductor Research Corporation for a one year research project titled "Study of FM Methods to Generate Vernier Delay or Frequency Information for High-Speed PLL BIST Measurement." CONGRATULATIONS, Mani!

On the extracurricular side,

13. Three of our EE and CS&E students have won top places at the International Association of College Unions Regional Tennis Table Tournament that was held in Boise, Idaho in February. The region includes Alaska, Alberta, British Columbia, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Saskatchewan. Electrical Engineering graduate student Anna Pyayt won three 1st Place medals! Anna won 1st Place in the women's singles, women's doubles, and mixed doubles. Electrical Engineering undergraduate senior Viraj Desai, won two medals! Viraj won the 1st place medal in the men's doubles and 3rd place in the men's singles. Computer Science & Engineering undergraduate Constantinos (Costas) Papadopoulos won three 1st place medals, the men's singles, men's doubles, and mixed doubles. CONGRATULATIONS, Anna, Viraj, and Costas!!! WELL DONE!!! All these winners are invited to the National Tennis Table Tournament coming up in April in San Jose.

14. As always, if you happen to have any items that you would like for me to share with all of our faculty, staff, and students, please email them to me!



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