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Loose Bits: Weekly Highlights Within EE

April 25, 2004


Here is what has been happening this week in EE:

1. Professors Karl Bohringer (PI), Babak Parviz (Co-PI), and Eric Klavins (Co-PI) have been awarded $300,000 by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Defense Sciences Office (DSO) for their project titled "3D Directed Self-Assembly." The award runs for about one year and will be administered through USAFOSR.

Congratulations, Karl, Babak, and Eric!!!

2. Professors Jacob Rosen (PI) and Blake Hannaford (Co-PI) have been awarded $156,000 by the US Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity for their project titled "Developing Generalized Algorithms for Objectively Assessing Medical and Surgical Skill with Various Modalities - Data Mining Using Markov Models." The award runs for two years.

Congratulations, Jacob and Blake!!

3. We had a nice attendance on Thursday, 4/22, for this week's EE Colloquium speaker, Christopher DeMarco, from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, who spoke on "A Phase Transition Model for Cascading Network Failure." Now we know how the massive electric power black-out last year propagated across such a wide area.

4. I would like to remind everyone that next Friday, 4/30, and Saturday, 5/1, are Engineering Open House! There will be no Engineering classes on that Friday. We are expecting a record turn out of high school students and other visitors on the campus, so I hope everyone will be around to help show off our best work and help recruit the next generation of future EEs. Our department's part of Open House will also feature an EE Centennial theme, showing off the past, present, and future of our department. There will be quite a number of demonstrations, posters, and lab tours, so pass the word around that this will be a great event to attend and participate in!

5. This week is also staff appreciation week, so I would like to take this opportunity to offer a hearty THANK YOU and acknowledge the skillful contributions of:

Tom Jones
Laura Haas
Helene Obradovich
Bill Lynes
Ann Langford-Fuchs
Sekar Thiagarajan
Amy Feldman-Bawarshi
Walter Marchuk
Tam Crosswhite
Frankye Jones
Joel Bradbury
Robert Carlson
Fritz Cathey
Justin Clayton
Lee Damon
Charles Fisher
Mei-Yuh Hwang
Jennifer Jaiteh
Peter Kauffman
Monica Leibrant
Stuart Maclean
Shawn McGuire
Sarah McQuaide
Agnieszka Miguel
Matthew Moore
Ceon Ramon
Timothy Ren
Mohan Saini
Andrei Stabrovski
David Wadkins
Bill Harris
Mike Kummer
Karen Fisher
Pam Eisenheim
Kathy Burch
Jason Heiss
Noel Henry
Judy Petersen
Peter Kim
Weibin Zhang
Luat Nguyen
Johnny Young
Stephen Keating
Travis Saling
Gloria Heaton
Angel Bailey
Robyn Hagle
Steve Graham
Scott Perkins
Tim Sinnett
Scott Campbell
Rachel O'Brien
and Sniff.

You folks are the ones who keep our Department of Electrical Engineering running smoothly, and who make it such a pleasure to be here. THANK YOU folks - you're great!

Enjoy the weekend,


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