Our department's operations section has been organized in a way that should make it easy for our users to quickly find what they need. By organizing these resources into intuitive functional groups, users - especially new users - should find it much easier to quickly locate the forms, procedures, materials, and other information they require.

Operations' topical groupings are listed below. To help people find their way around, we've included a couple of the most commonly used links that fall under each of the new subsections.

Tasks and information managed by the Chair, his support staff, and the front desk.

Calendars and Scheduling
Conference room reservations and calendars, equipment checkout, and the like.

All tasks related to departmental computing, e.g. computer account creation, passwords, backup requests for your desktop computer, networking.

Most everything related to the physical infrastructure (and related operations) of the EE department.

Payroll and Human Resources
Everything related to being an employee or supervisor in our department.

Research Management
Provides access to all of the tools necessary to effectively manage pre-award, award, and post-awards at the University of Washington.

Teaching & Academic Resources
Information, used by faculty and staff, related to teaching, admissions, academics, and student-related matters.

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