UWEE Tech Report Series

Algorithms for Data-Driven ASR Parameter Quantization


Karim Filali, Xiao Li and Jeff Bilmes

Quantization, clustering, speech recognition


It is important to produce automatic speech recognition (ASR) systems that use as few computational and memory resources as possible, especially in low-memory/low-power environments such as for personal digital assistants. One way to achieve this is through parameter quantization. In this work, we compare a variety of novel subvector clustering procedures for ASR system parameter quantization. Specifically, we look at systematic data-driven subvector selection techniques based on entropy minimization, and compare performance primarily on an isolated word speech recognition task. While the optimal entropy-minimizing quantization methods are intractable, several simple schemes including scalar quantization with separate codebooks per parameter and joint scalar quantization with normalization perform well in their attempt to approximate the optimal clustering.

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