UWEE Tech Report Series

Generalized KVL-KCL Formulation for Coupled Electromagnetic-Circuit Simulation with Surface Integral Equations


Yong Wang, Dipanjan Gope, Vikram Jandhyala, C.J. Richard Shi

coupled EM-circuit simulation, continuity equation, potential matching, modified nodal analysis, method of moments


In this paper, a new formulation for coupled electromagnetic-circuit simulation is presented. The formulation employs full-wave integral equations to model the electromagnetic (EM) behavior of 2D or 3D structures while using modified nodal analysis (MNA) to model circuit interactions. A coupling scheme based on charge and current continuity and potential matching, realized as a generalization of Kirchoff's voltage and current laws, ensures that the EM and circuit interactions can be formulated as a seamless system. While rigorous port models for EM structures can be obtained using the approach discussed herein, it is shown that the coupling paradigm can reveal additional details of the EM-circuit interactions and can provide a path to analysis-based design iteration.

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