UWEE Tech Report Series

Decentralized Rate Assignments in a Multi-Sector CDMA Network


Jennifer Price, Tara Javidi



As the demand for wireless broadband data services grows, it becomes increasingly important to address the issue of optimal resource allocation. Specifically, such allocation should address not only Quality of Service (QOS) requirements, but continually changing resource demands. In this paper, we consider a data-only multi- sector wideband CDMA network with arbitrary layout of sectors and base-stations. Optimal transmission rate allocation for such a network is examined. Using an optimization framework, we develop the conceptual basis for a distributed algorithm for finding the optimal rate assignments using information available to the mobiles. We then use this to propose practical algorithms at the bases as well as the mobiles. These algorithms provide a proportional fair transmission rate/interference control scheme. Finally, we examine the dynamic behavior of such a distributed algorithm in the presence of realistic physical conditions such as shadowing and mobility.

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