UWEE Tech Report Series

Evaluation of RAVEN Surgical Telerobot during the NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations (NEEMO) 12 Mission


Blake Hannaford, Diana Friedman, Hawkeye King, Mitch Lum, Jacob Rosen, Ganesh Sankaranarayanan

Telesurgery, robotics, underwater, NEEMO, NASA,


The University of Washington’s BioRobotics Laboratory, under the direction of Dr Blake Hannaford, supported the University of Cincinnati’s telesurgery effort during the NEEMO 12 mission conducted May 7-18, 2007. The UW RAVEN telerobotic system was deployed to the Aquarius Habitat to conduct a variety of research tasks. The goals of this mission were to advance and demonstrate technologies related to remote healthcare for astronauts on extended space missions. In particular, the capability of surgical intervention by remotely operated surgical robotics. Two surgical robots were deployed into the Aquarius habitat, the UW RAVENand the SRI, International M7 robot. Control of the robots was provided over an Internet link from UW (Seattle, WA) and SRI (Palo Alto, CA), respectively. The last 10 mile connection to the remote site was provided by a microwave link from shore to buoy and a 20m cable down to the habitat. Organization for the remote surgery component of the NEEEMO-12 mission is included expertise from Dr. Hannaford, Dr. Jacob Rosen, Mr. Mitch Lum, and Ms Diane Friedman. RAVEN was succesfully operated in the NEEEMO habitat and teleoperated from Seattle.

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