UWEE Tech Report Series

Complete Index for 2001

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The University of Washington, Department of EE Technical Report Series
Jeff A. Bilmes, Travis Saling, Sekar Thiagarajan

Simulation of Bipedal Walking
Margaret M. Skelly and Howard Jay Chizeck

Sender Key Storage Reduction of Secure Multicast Key Management Schemes Using One-Way Function Tree
Mingyan Li, R. Poovendran, and D. A. McGrew

Graceful Degradation of Speech Recognition Performance over Lossy Packet Networks
Costas Boulis, Mari Ostendorf, Eve A. Riskin, and Scott Otterson

Graphical Models and Automatic Speech Recognition
Jeff A. Bilmes

Discriminatively Structured Graphical Models for Speech Recognition
Jeff Bilmes, Geoff Zweig, Thomas Richardson, Karim Filali, Karen Livescu, Peng Xu, Kirk Jackson, Yigal Brandman, Eric Sandness, Eva Holtz, Jerry Torres, Bill Byrne

Protection of Regions of Interest Against Data Loss in a Generalized Multiple Description Framework
Agnieszka C. Miguel and Eve A. Riskin

An Iteration-Free Fast Multilevel Solver for Dense Method of Moment Systems
Dipanjan Gope and Vikram Jandhyala

Universal Serial Bus Signal Integrity Analysis for High-Speed Signaling
Todd West and Vikram Jandhyala

Coupled Electromagnetic-Circuit Simulation of Arbitrarily-Shaped Conducting Structures using Triangular Meshes
Vikram Jandhyala, Yong Wang, Dipanjan Gope, and Richard Shi