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Complete Index for 2005

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SILCA-Newton-Krylov---Robust and Efficient Time-Domain VLSI Circuit Simulation by Krylov-Subspace Iterative Methods with Quasi-Newton Preconditioners
Zhao Li and C.-J. Richard Shi

Using Weakly Supervised Learning to Improve Prosody Labeling
D. Wong, M. Ostendorf and J. Kahn

K-node Connected Power Efficient Topologies in Wireless Networks: A Semidefinite Programming Approach
Arindam K. Das, Mehran Mesbahi

An Autonomous Multi-Agent Testbed using Infrared Wireless Communication and Localization
Sean Hoyt, Sam McKennoch, and Linda G. Bushnell

Dynamics of Convergence to a Symbol Anchoring Consensus in Distributed Agents
Sam McKennoch and Linda G. Bushnell

The Vocal Joystick: A Voice-Based Human-Computer Interface for Individuals with Motor Impairments
Jeff A. Bilmes, Xiao Li, Jonathan Malkin, Kelley Kilanski, Richard Wright, Katrin Kirchhoff, Amarnag Subramanya, Susumu Harada, James A. Landay, Patricia Dowden, Howard Chizeck

Backoff Model Training using Partially Observed Data: Application to Dialog Act Tagging
Gang Ji Jeff Bilmes

Leveraging Multiple Languages to Improve Statistical MT Word Alignments
Karim Filali, Jeff Bilmes