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Information on future, current and past course scheduling, faculty assignments and past enrollment counts.

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Look up the meetings and locations of current and upcoming quarter classes.

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Course Descriptions

General descriptions of undergraduate and graduate courses offered by the EE Department, along with links to the master course descriptions.

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TA Assignments

Information on current and past teaching assistant assignments for courses.

Course Evaluations

Teaching Ratings for EE Faculty and Teaching Assistants. Scroll down to Electrical Engineering.

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Non major registration

Graduate students interested in taking EE courses at the graduate (500) level should contact the course instructor directly.

Non-Matriculated/Graduate Non-Matriculated Students (Non-Degree)

A non-matriculated student is someone not curently enrolled as a student at UW.


Registration for two classes with a time conflict must be done via the Registration Transaction Form submitted to the Registrar in Schmitz Hall. If the conflict is less than 60 minutes per week, verbal permission of the instructors is required. If the time conflict is 60 minutes or more per week, signatures from both instructors are required.

Independent Study

For undergraduate independent study, faculty codes may be obtained from EE Advising upon presentation of the Undergraduate Independent Study Form (EE 490 or 499), which is signed by the faculty advisor. PMP students seeking independent study should visit the PMP Independent Study webpage for more information.

Entry Codes

If you need an entry code for a course, due to prerequisite waiver, overload or other circumstance, please have the instructor e-mail EE Advising with permission or submit a Registration Approval Form with faculty signature.

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