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Submitting your Paper

UWEE faculty members can submit papers for inclusion in this series. You'll need to have your paper available in electronic form - either PDF or PostScript can be used.

You MUST use one of the templates (available immediately below) for your paper. It is important that all UWEE Technical Reports use this unified format, including the common header page that lists the TR number, page title, and author list. Thank you!

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If you have not already done so, you'll need to download one of the style templates we have available. An example Tech Report, which is also a manual of sorts for this series, can be found at the top of the TR Series Index.

Download the Microsoft Word Template

Download the LaTeX template

Download the pdfLaTeX template

Editing Papers

Faculty members, graduate students, and staff can access the technical papers for the purpose of editing. You can only edit those papers for which you were explicitly given permission by the original submitting faculty member.

To edit an existing paper, enter the complete TR number in the box below and then hit the "Go!" button. If you aren't sure of the TR number, or if you wish to browse the list of papers for which you are an authorized editor, leave the box empty and hit "Go!".

Non-EE editors: Check this box to authenticate using your TR's special access password

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