Non-Degree Student Options

Graduate Non-Matriculated (GNM) Option

The GNM option offers students with a BSEE background a chance to take graduate level courses to update their skills and knowledge. A maximum of 12 GNM credits can be applied toward a Graduate Program.

Non-Matriculated (NM) Option

The NM option offers students not in a degree program a chance to take undergraduate courses. NM credits cannot be applied toward Graduate Programs.

Visiting Graduate Student (VGRAD) - Coursework & Research

Students from another university may apply to visit EE for up to one year and earn credits toward their degree at their home institution.

Visiting International Student Internship & Training (VISIT) - Research Only

The VISIT Program permits students pursuing degrees at universities outside of the US to participate in full-time supervised research and work-based learning experiences at the University of Washington for a period between 1 to 12 months. 

Visiting International Student Engaged in Research (VISER) - Research Only

The VISER Program permits students pursuing degrees at foreign universities to engage in a full-time prescribed course of study with a specific educational objective at the University of Washington for a period between 13 to 24 months. 

VISER students must either be substantially (at least 51%) supported by their home government or home university, or be part of a written exchange agreement between the UW and the foreign educational institution.  Please note that VISER students may not engage in employment of any kind.

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