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Looking Back

Do you remember what you looked like in college? Wondering what everyone else looked like as well? Perhaps the answer lies in the class photos below. Click on any class photo to bring up a larger photo and relive your time at UW EE. If you have any photos you'd like to contribute to our departmental history, please contact us.

Class Photos

(legend on back)

EE-161A Winter 1937
EE-161B Winter 1937
EE-161 Spring 1937

EE-161A Winter 1938

EE-161B Winter 1938
EE-161 Spring 1938
EE-161A Winter 1939
EE-161B Winter 1939
EE-161 Spring 1939
EE-161A Winter 1940
EE-161B Winter 1940
EE-161C Winter 1940
EE-161 Spring 1940
EE-161A Winter 1941
EE-161 Spring 1941
EE-161 Winter 1942
EE-161 Spring 1942
EE-161 Summer 1942
EE-161A Winter 1943
EE-161B Winter 1943
EE-161 Summer-Fall 1943
EE-161A Winter 1943-1944
EE-161B Winter 1943-1944
(legend on back)
EE-161 Summer-Fall 1944
EE-161 Winter 1944-1945
EE-IV March-June 1945
EE-IV March-June-1945
EE-IV July-Oct 1945
EE-IV-A Fall 1945-1946
EE-IV-B Fall 1945-1946
EE-VI-A Spring 1946
EE-VI-B Spring 1946
EE-161 Summer 1946
EE-161 Fall 1946
EE-161 Winter 1947
EE-161 Winter 1947
Class Photo
(unknown date)
EE-161A Spring 1947
EE-161C Spring 1947
EE-161A Summer 1947
EE-161B Summer 1947
EE Class Summer 1947
EE-161A Fall 1947
EE-161C Fall 1947
EE-161C Fall 1947
EE Class Fall 1947
EE Class Fall 1947
EE-340 Autumn 1950
EE-360-361 Autumn 1950
EE Graduate Students
Autumn 1950


EE Through the Years

Our Physical Homes

Science Hall
(now Parrington Hall)
EE's home, 1902-1910
Machinery Hall
EE's home, 1910-1948
Old EE Building
EE's home, 1948-1998
Groundbreaking ceremony for new EE Building, 1994
New EE Building
EE's current home
EE Departmental Office
EE's current home


In the Lab

Electrical Lab in the Old Engineering Hall, 1916

(Magnussen collection)

Electrical Lab in the Old Engineering Hall, 1916

(Magnussen collection)

New Electrical Lab in the EE Building during construction, 1948

(Magnussen collection)

New Electrical Lab in the EE Building, 1948

(Magnussen collection)

Profs. Don Reynolds and Irene Peden in the lab, circa 1970s
Prof. Akira Ishimaru in the lab, circa 1970s
Prof. Ruebens Sigelmann in the lab with an ultrasonic experiment, circa 1970s
Electronics bench, circa 1960s
Electronics bench, 2003
Prof. Bill Mortiz in EE 372 Lab (Microprocessor Systems), Fall 1986
EE computer lab, 2005
Anechoic chamber, donated to Dr. Yasuo Kuga by the Boeing Company, circa 2001


Student Life

First EE field trip, 1905

(Magnussen collection)

AIEE Field Trip

AIEE 1948

(forerunner to IEEE)

Trip to Olympic Peninsula, May 1959

(PowerPoint slide sent by N.N. Rao)

UW EE Graduation, 1965

(PowerPoint slide sent by N.N. Rao)

UW EE Graduation, 1965
(note the overpass in the background across Montlake Boulevard)

(PowerPoint slide sent by N.N. Rao)

Employment offer from 1965
(note the starting salary for an Assistant Professor)

(PowerPoint slide sent by N.N. Rao)

Kelin Kuhn, future EE faculty member, as a freshman at UW in the 1970s

UW EE Graduation BBQ, 2002

Amy Feldman (undergrad advisor) and Prof. Howard Chizeck

UW EE Graduation, 2004
A weekly EE social, 2005
(note the nutritional value)
Student studying in Paul Allen Center atrium...some things never change...2005


Faculty and Staff

West Seattle Antenna Test Range 1961

John Schultz (EE Tech) (left)
Prof. Myron Swarm

John Schultz retirement party, 2001

Prof. John Bjorkstam (left)
John Schultz
Prof. Greg Zick

John Schultz retirement party, 2001

Prof. Bob Clark (left)
Prof. Dan Dow (middle)
Prof. Rubens Sigelmann (middle)
Prof. Bob Albrecht(middle)
Prof. Irene Peden (right)

Profs. David Johnson (left) and Dean Lytle (right), circa 1960s

Prof. Don Reynolds in the 1960s with a scale model of a narrow beam microwave

Prof. Endrik Noges, E. Kubalek, and Prof. Robert Clark, circa 1970s

Profs. Endrik Noges, Mark Damborg, and Bob Clark with visiting professor, circa 1970s

Prof. William Potter, circa 1970s

Prof. Myron Swarm, circa 1970s

Prof. Sinclair Yee, circa 1970s

Profs. Peter Lauritzen, James Meditch, and Mohamed El Sharkawi with a representative from Puget Sound Power
and Light and donated electric car, circa 1970s

EE Faculty Retreat, circa 1980

How many faculty can you identify?

(Mohamed El-Sharkawi, Bob Marks, Mani Venkata, Leung Tsang, Yasuo Kuga, Les Atlas, Mark Damborg, Dean Lytle, and Mani Soma)

Prof. Alistair Holden, circa 1980s

Prof. Greg Zick, circa 1980s

Dr. Jay Shideler and Prof. Jim Meditch, circa 1980s

Profs. Les Atlas and Bob Marks, circa 1980s

Donation of HP 8510 Microwave Network Analyzer

Prof. Daniel Dow, HP Marketing Manager Scott R. Wright, Prof. Yasuo Kuga, HP General Manager Network Measurement Division William (Bill) Wurtz, 1985

Prof. Kelin Kuhn and student, circa 1990s

Profs. Rich Christie, John Sahr, and Bruce Darling hear, see, and speak no evil, 2003
Halloween in EE with Laura Haas, Stephen Keating, Prof. Howard Chizeck, Scott Perkins, and Kathryn Burch, 2003
Halloween in EE with Angel Bailey, Robyn Hagel, Frankye Jones, and Kathryn Burch, 2004

Halloween in EE with Angel Bailey (left), Ann Langford-Fuchs (right) and Darcy Atlas, daughter of Prof. Atlas (middle), 2005

EE Open House, 2005

Future scientists put together potato heads with eletronic components

EE Open House, 2005

Participants survey the final products

EE Open House, 2005

Visiting students enjoy a game of laser darts

EE Chair David Allstot (left) and Acting Dean Mani Soma (right) with opening remarks at the Sieg Hall ribbon cutting ceremony, 2005
Tom Jones (EE Administrator) (left) holds the ribbon for Acting Dean Mani Soma (right) to open Sieg Hall, 2005
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